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The God of 25 Times Over

Updated: Mar 29

Chestnut and I have travelled together for nearly 9 years. He has taken me everywhere I’ve need to go which has been far and wide. He has never given me any problem. If he gave me any problem it was me that caused it by e.g., accidentally going on the pavement, like that cat video going round, and causing him to have a puncture.

He has also been used to literally shield me because we’ve been in 4 accidents. All of them somebody hit me and thankfully I was never hurt. Its Chestnut who got hurt but was always put together again. He was definitely not a humpty dumpty. I got to know about the 5th accident when a neighbour was checking if I was ok because she had seen the injuries Chestnut had sustained. That was the beginning of a 4 month battle with the insurance.

Technology has brought us very far but apparently still not far enough. A.I. is in full motion so you would think we are approaching the Jetson era, where life is very high tech but you soon find out we are very much in analogue mode in many areas and even in developed countries. Previous car insurance’s want you to make a claim online. This one that I had which is one of the big popular names, required you to call.

International call charges were discouraging me from making the phone call so I tried to use their contact forms online or get their X teams to pass on the details I shared, to no avail. A call had to be made. When I did and explained my frustration over the process I had gone through, the agent said I could claim the call expense. That was a relief. Little did I know it would be another battle.

The whole process of getting Chestnut the mechanical attention he needed was very stressful, long winded and frustrating so I logged a complaint. I am one of those people who take the time and effort to fight my cause and in most cases I get an outcome in my favour. Thank you Jesus! I did not receive a response in the time frame they gave, which was one of the issues I gave in the complaint.

I decided to chase it up and ask them for the 2 things I was interested in. One was the out of pocket expense I was told I could make, which I felt was justified because if it wasn’t for the person who hit Chestnut I would not need to call the insurance, so why should I be put out.

The matter had now dragged on for 4 months. It was stressing me and I prayed and told God, it was making me weary yet my theme for 2024 is “Let not your heart be troubled” so please fix it. The agent who picked up my message asked me to send proof of the expense and he would look into it. I explained looking into it wasn’t going to be good enough because if he listened to the conversation, it is the agent who initiated that option so it needed to be followed through.

I sent him the evidence and he emailed back to confirm if that was the amount I was claiming for the out of pocket expense. I boldly replied yes that is the amount. I feel the reason he asked for confirmation was because it was a very small amount. I had sent more than the evidence he required because one thing about me I will keep screenshots of everything…just in case! When he responded to the evidence, I had to read a certain part of the response three times. I wasn’t getting it.

The first item I had wanted him to deal with, he had dealt with. That part I knew wouldn’t be an issue for them to adhere to because it was a standard thing. This second one for the out-of-pocket expense was what threw me off. I don’t know why, because didn’t I not pray for God to fix it. Well, fix it he did! Hallelujah!

When the Excellent Book says God will do exceedingly & abundantly far more than you can ask, think or imagine, I have determined in Maury style, Yet Again!, that this is not a lie. Man lies! The Supreme and Sovereign God DOES NOT! Just yesterday a friend shared an IG post of a guy sharing how he has previously manipulated women into thinking he is into them, then 3 months later he falls off after he has gotten access to the woman’s nether land. He said many men do that.

They will pretend they are so into the woman, attentive, available, go above and beyond, then they start regressing and give 90% then 80%. By this time the woman doesn’t even notice because she’s been used to getting 100% for such a long time and is still marinating in it, she doesn’t realise the effort is dwindling. The guy then reduces further to like 25% effort, but this time the woman notices. When she asks why he is not available and not doing all the things he had been doing before, his response is, he is going through things and he likes to keep to himself so he doesn’t lash out at her. 

He continues to reduce effort and eventually leaves “the scene of the crime” leaving the woman baffled and hurt. Men would probably say women do their own manipulation version which also leaves them baffled and hurt. So sometimes we think this is the character to expect from any living being including God and this is nothing but a lie that the devil would want us to believe.

That, God doesn’t care. He will abandon you and if you sin or have bad behaviour, he definitely will not listen to you. My other testimony from this story is that later in the day after praying for God to fix it, I did something that all humans do. We all sin and fall short. Sometimes I feel guilty, and start to think, may be now, God will not hear my prayers. I can testify that, that thought is also not true. I remember a sermon that said, God knew we would fall short and this is why he gives us Grace in plenty! Thank you Jesus!

I heard another sermon that said what God has planned for you, cannot miss you! I thought about it and this is very true because if my actions can overpower Gods’ will, then that wrongly makes it as though I have some superior power over God. Gods’ power is Mighty, his Grace is sufficient and if he says he is going to do exceedingly and abundantly then that is exactly what he is going to do. That is exactly what he did for me, the day after I prayed for him to fix it, which was the day after I had fallen short! This is why this testimony is even more special. The out of pocket expense I asked for was e.g. £X and the agent said he would give me three times that! But it didn’t stop there.

For the way the matter was handled, first he acknowledged they could have done better and was going to give me an additional £XXX. This was the best “what I asked for versus what I got scenario”. On social media people often share things they’ve asked for e.g. a particular design of a dress, cake, hairstyle and what they get in the end compared to what they asked for is often abysmal. Not My God! He moves mountains and gave me literally 25 times what I asked for. Won’t he do it! Off course he will because God is Good, God is Great, God is the Ultimate Best.

As for my Chestnut, he is now gone somewhere, because he was deemed a total loss. The cost of his mechanical needs was going to exceed his value, so I was given a payment. This too is another testimony because last year, it was clear I had to change him because London would be charging me an emission charge of £12.50 a day because he was a diesel car created before 2017. I didn’t want to sell him and I thought to myself what if someone hit him (when I’m not in the car) and I get payment for it. 5 months later that’s exactly what happened!

I will miss Chestnut because he has travelled with me through some of the challenging times of life. When I travelled with him, it is there that I would listen to my sermons and say my deepest, heart-filled, prayers sometimes sponsored by tears. He took me for my appointments and Long Covid rehabilitation and I wouldn’t have managed without the convenience and luxury he brought. God knew this and that’s why he connected us together. So if he knows that, now that I am car-less, my motto of “Let not your heart be troubled” can go on. God will provide the next mobile which I know will also be 25 times better than Chestnut because with God, there is always a ram in the thicket.

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