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My name is Tracy. I am a daughter, relative and friend to many, a Health Coach and pharmacist. The identity that I am most proud of and know with 100% certainty, I can never be demoted from and will last forever, is being a child of the Most High God who sent his son Jesus so I can one day see him face to face, sit on his lap and ask him just like a child would, "Father, tell me the story of life, how I came in, why I came in, why what happened to me happened to me and how all the people around me (friends, family, acquaintances, strangers)all work together in this huge jigsaw puzzle of yours". This website is a glimpse of the little hints that my little understanding is picking up from the clues my Father in heaven is dropping here and there. I look forward to sharing these glimpses with you. 

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My Story

I have found myself learning so much about myself, life, people and trials in the last few years. When something great and phenomenal happens I know without any doubt, that is God answering a prayed or an unprayed prayer because that's how phenomenal he is. When that happens I love to share my testimony, to remind others that the same way God cares for me is the same way he cares for you. I don't think people believe God cares deeply for them, in fact he cares so deeply its beyond human understanding. If you think your mom, dad, spouse, sibling, BFF, friend or colleague cares for you, you haven't seen care yet! We live in a world where everything BUT God is given the glory. We live in a world where people not only don't understand or believe in God but are set on not wanting to know Him for themselves.


My truth is that in knowing God for myself, I have seen first hand, how He has played a phenomenal role in my life that I cant help but share what he has done and what I am learning from him. On top of that I am not ashamed of my Faith in Jesus. This is why I have created this page. To share my truth, my belief, my faith, my learning, my aha moments, my testimonies and show you why I believe God is Great and Good. Somebody out there, may not know a phenomenal God exists and I don't think its fair to hold this secret by not sharing. This is my way of sharing. Everyone should know about God and if they chose to, enjoy the exceeding and abundant love, peace and blessings God has for them, right here in the land of the living and in eternal life through Jesus. 

I hope through my learning and my testimonies, you get inspired to know God for yourself. He is so cool, listens without judging, yet He is in the very position to do that. He is so Kind, Forgiving and Patient. He knows exactly what to give you exactly when you need it. This is my testimony. Most of all He Loves you more than...your human understanding. I hope through what I will share with you,  you will get to see exactly what I am saying. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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