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The Crown Of Life

Updated: Mar 9

My testimony this week is one of the top 5 testimonies I know I will have in my life. I would even like to say it is the number 1 testimony, but I know and believe God is working on certain which will compete with its spot, and this is why I rate this testimony as top 5. If you were to tell a six-year-old child that they are going to live a life full of Gods blessings, be ok despite the catch that they will not grow up with their dad, I think they would look at you with side eyes and rightfully so.

If you try and tell them they will have fun, laughter, adventures, trips and holidays, Kenyan Fanta, friends, families and reiterate all will be ok despite their dad sleeping in Jesus’ nursery for the most part of this child’s life, they will now fold their hands, give you the side eye and kiss their teeth. If you tell them some of the achievements they would achieve in Jesus name, they will now walk away because how is that even possible!

The biggest testimony of my life so far is exactly what I have described above. Where the young child would walk away in disbelief, I can stand firm as the key witness in the testimony that Jesus has chosen to walk with me in every moment of my life and bless me beyond what I could have dreamt of in the absence of my earthly father.

I was talking to a new friend yesterday and we were sharing life experiences and I reiterated what I reflected on, during the week. I have led a blessed life. Off course! there have been valleys and lessons and they are even some which are ongoing. Despite that, I am so privileged and grateful to be in a state of mind and faith where I can say through all those experiences, God is Good and will be forever.

Psychologically we know the effects of a child and especially a girl growing up without a father. It is in my adulthood that I have seen and understood the effects or impact of the absence of a father. Actually, I am still learning the effects as my wonderful therapist and I continue to explore. As we do that I still know and believe, God is Good and will be forever.

My all-time role models are the 3 Hebrew boys. I should say of fully earthly people, they are my all-time role models because of their unapologetic, unwavering, standing on business type of faith. They stood for God even if it meant standing on their own and even if it meant being put in the fire. I greatly admire this and pray for this calibre of faith even though I get it can lead to a Paul/Job experience. What I also love about the story is this. When God is with you, and especially when you chose for him to be with you, the fire will not burn you. Indeed this has been the testimony of my life in my adulthood.

My biggest testimony is special to me because God was with me and made sure the fire of the loss of a father did not burn me even though I was not at the age where I could choose God the way Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego boldly chose him. Even as I grew up to be able to understand and feel the depths of that grief, this kind God sheltered me in a way I can’t explain and in a way I don’t feel someone can understand and that’s ok. Nevertheless, I will speak/write my testimony.

In the natural I should be filled with grief of not only what I have “lost” but what I will miss or have missed. I do fully recognise and understand that. I’ve had 2 graduations, and my dad has missed them. I am in the second cycle of my career, and he has missed that.  What God has done is to shelter me in a way I can grieve AND Live! To be honest, I have mostly lived and that is only the strength of God at work, which I did not even ask for, but he knew I needed it. The Good God that he is, he just saw it fit to equip me in a way I can continue to grow and thrive despite the other hurdles that have come in life.

The best part is God has done this not because of my character, which is still in pruning, training, development, moulding, and a whole bunch of refining. He has done it because that is the God he is. If I can let you know through the biggest valley of my life that God is Good, then that valley was absolutely necessary and worth it, because it shines and reflects Gods character. In 2024 this is a must! You must know that God loves you. You must know that God cares for you in every possible way. You must know that he is always with you. You must know that he is so ready to do amazing things for you that you can’t imagine. Please let him do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain beyond what you could understand you would gain.

Please don’t stand in his way. Please know he can do bigger things than you believe you can. Please know he believes in you. Please let no human or the devil tell you otherwise. If they tell you otherwise, please look in the Excellent Book. It will set the record straight. Please believe it when it does. The Excellent Book never lies. Humans lie and the devil is the number one liar. He lied to Eve how she will not die, and her child was the first to die and we have been dying since, just like God said would happen. The lesson then is please believe what God says.

Speaking of setting the record straight, there is a day that is coming when my dad will get the justice that has been missing for all the over 30 years he has been sleeping in Jesus nursery.  Yes, his murderers will get the vengeance of the Lord and they can’t escape! Thank You Jesus! If they have repented and get to see eternity, this is the God I am talking about. The God who redeems all his children because he loves his children like that.

But most of all, my dad will get the crown of life. He will get a life of no torture, a life of no pain, a life of no injustice, a life of no betrayal, a life of only the full peace and joy of the Lord that no one will have the power to take away ever! What a day of rejoicing it will be and I am so excited for him because he deserves it more than I thought he did, after getting to know more about his final days.

In the meantime, while my dad has finished his walk, I haven’t finished mine. What I know is if this wonderful God has protected and sheltered me during all these many revolutions I have made around the sun, then as time goes by, I know I do not have to mourn or grieve with no hope just as the Excellent Book wonderfully advises. There is so much hope and it is not the end. Death cannot say it is the end, the grave cannot say it is the end, not even the body shutting down can say it is the end. While in church today the pastor gave reasons why Jesus wept. One of them was the mourners were crying yet the Resurrection was right there in their midst!

Yes, the effects of the absence of a father are real and play out differently in the various parts of my life. God knowing all these truths far more than my therapist and I can reveal, is also the Great and Formidable Healer. This means healing to wholeness, so I can complete his assignment for me, is Guaranteed in Jesus name. What is also real is grief, absence, loss are all temporary because the Resurrection is sure! Jesus WILL BE BACK! And when he comes back we will be reunited with our loved ones who died in him, then we shall always be with our wonderful God, a place of peace and joy like we can’t even dream of collectively.

I’ve just heard a sermon say there will be a day when there will be a funeral for funerals! Hallelujah! All this is true, not only extremely possible but Guaranteed because God is Good, God is Great, God is the ultimate best. While the murderers may have thought it was the end, oh! Praise be to God! It is far from the end. The crown of life awaits my dad, and it will wait patiently because it is an event that will happen in Jesus name.

Death may take away, but it can only take away for a defined moment. God is the beginning and the end; he therefore has the last and final say, not the grave. While the devil thought he won, I have news for him. With the Sovereign God alive and always on the throne, that is impossible. Second of all, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! We are going to see the King! Third of all, as the Excellent Book says, death will be asked “O death, where is thy sting!” This is why I say God is Good and will be forever!

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