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Somebody Is At The Door

Updated: Apr 12

There are so many messages we hear in the world, that can drive our natural curiosity into a place of wisdom and discernment to explore or not to explore further because it may open the doors that will then lead us into temptation. A journey where a legitimate need can easily be filled with an illegitimate source. Every human has been on this journey and will continue to go through this process of "to explore" or "not explore".

We can explore something innocently but ultimately a seed is then planted. If this seed is placed in good soil, receives good sunlight and enough water this seed becomes a fruit. A fruit that can only fall in to two categories. A fruit that draws us to God and a fruit that drives us away from God.

The fruit that draws us to God ultimately leads us to eternal life. Its the forbidden fruit that needs some examination, because it seems we have no clue what it brings and that it opposes the Good fruit. Forbidden fruit will always taste good, feel good, smell good, look good and sound good. Meaning, forbidden fruit is everywhere around us.

Food, drink, pleasurable things/people, purchases, sounds, basically anything even anyone. If its all these things, how then is it forbidden fruit? Forbidden fruit does something to us and ultimately not for our prolonged good. In some cases it is very obvious to see its effects, in some it is not easy to see until the damage is done. Even then we never link the outcomes as the result of this forbidden fruit. This is exactly what the devil wants.

To close our eyes to his trickery, manipulation, lies and deceit. His job is to lure us to the forbidden fruit and Keep us there for ETERNITY. He wants to keep us in a place that steals, kills and destroys our joy, peace, strength, body, mind, and soul, i.e., a place that destroys us physically, biologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. He is literally killing us softly with all the things that feel good, look good, taste good and sound good.

Yes, misery loves company is the devil! He has to entice us by lying to us that things that are harmful, are not harmful. Some forbidden fruit even have "healing" properties, so we can never categorize them as forbidden fruit. He knows forbidden fruit is all a distraction from taking care, building, strengthening and nourishing your spirit, mind and body. Anything to keep us far from God is his mission and he will do it in a way that we will not have the faintest idea, that that is what he is doing.

He has to entice us by lying to us that living Gods' way, doing relationships Gods' way, loving each other Gods' way, doesn't work for the times we live in and most of all doesn't work for our needs and where we want to go. The devil wants us to stay in the garden of forbidden fruit because he knows far more than humans know, that if you break a person, you break their ability to create a family. He knows that after God, the family is the source of life and love for the human being. He lures us to forbidden fruit so that on one end he can block the creation of family and on the other end, break it, in the event the family has been formed. The glamorisation and societal acceptance of adultery for example, is a sign of the devil seeming like he is winning.

The issue with forbidden fruit is it deceives us into thinking there is only one way to get what we want or get out of what we don't want. We forget that God is the God of all wisdom, the God of all creation, so he knows everyone’s tricks, including the devils. We only have to ask God for his divine counsel rather than opt for forbidden fruit, to find out for example, if the person we are with is counterfeit or the real deal. We don't ask, so we don't even give God a chance to tell us the answers we seek. May be we don't ask because we actually don't believe in him.

How the devil continues to deceive us is because we are in too deep with forbidden fruit. We don’t even see what is happening right in front of our eyes so we can't see the bigger picture of what this forbidden fruit is doing to us in every way possible. We are opaquely blind to the devils' Grand trickery, deception and manipulation. Again this is EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS! He doesn't want us to see it, if we see it, because we are in too deep, we become defensive and deny the fact that it really is forbidden fruit.

The devil has been blocking our eyes from seeing forbidden fruit for what it really is since EVE ate that fruit! And even before, when he lied to the angels and got many of them kicked out of heaven. If you don't believe the devils' extent of lies think of what a meme I recently saw, said. If Eve wasn't going to die when she ate the forbidden fruit like the devil lied, why didn't the devil eat it himself? Oh I wish she saw through the deceit and got the devil to eat that fruit himself. All the problems in our lives would never exist! All the deepest desires of our hearts, the ones we don't even know, can't fathom, and haven't thought of, would be our constant reality.

The devil is a mastermind in deception and trickery! We can’t play with him because he’s been an expert at manipulation for his good and definitely not ours, and longer than this generation has been alive combined! His mission is to take us away from God, take us away from anything that is related to God, take our minds, hearts, and belief away from God. In doing this he knows he can take our obedience away from God i.e., our love for God. He understands fully well, that when we obey God, its a demonstration of our love for God.

He lies to us that obedience to God is restrictive, boring, old fashioned, bland, and dry as Methuselah's bones. This is another reason why forbidden fruit will always taste good, feel good, smell good, look good and sound good. What the devil doesn’t tell us is he knows obedience to God is where our Ultimate Freedom, Ultimate Peace that surpasses all understanding, Ultimate Strength that will keep our body, mind and spirit resilient through all the tests of our lifetime, resides.

What the devil also doesn't want us to know or dwell on, in fact he lies about it, is that All the Freedom, Peace, Strength and Joy we seek is possible because God Loves us with a Love that every human that has ever lived on this planet from Adam and eve, collectively. can’t even explain. A love that has already made and guaranteed that there is a place where the devils' lies, deception, manipulation, evil deeds that have brought, strife, division, grief, sorrow and despair, will never touch us anymore. How do we get there?

We go to the one who defeats the devil every time. We go to the one who defeated him the first time. We go to the one who defeated him the second time. We go to the one who will defeat him for the third and final time. It’s all the same person and its King Jesus aka the Prince of Peace! The author and finisher of our faith. The one whom without, we can do Nothing! He will show us the TRUTH in everything, the Way in everything and THE LIFE.

Does it mean we will live in obedience in every moment and every single day of our lives? Sadly, no. Adam and Eve set it up that way, that no matter how hard we try from the depths of our heart, we will fall short. But that’s Ok, and we can be gentle with ourselves because God is gentle with us. Why? Gods’ grace is sufficient. We need to allow him to get us up, when we fall short, again and again and again and again. Why? He will strengthen us; he will help us, he will uphold us with his victorious right hand.

Not eager to go to him? Think of this. The devil doesn't even have the keys to death! Jesus has the keys! So while Jesus has the keys to death and the key to Life, ask yourself why is Jesus standing outside of your house knocking and waiting for you to let him in! Somebody is at the door and he has more Good than you can ever dream and know of, especially just for you.

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